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Release Date: JULY 2022


Type: Weight loss arms, Abs, Full body

Equipment: Jump rope & Fitness mat

Optional: Dumbells 

15-20 Min

per day

7 days


Workout Schedule

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Week One

MONDAY | approx 10 mins

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TUESDAY | approx 12 mins

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WEDNESDAY | approx 14 mins


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THURSDAY| approx 16 mins


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FRIDAY | approx 18 mins


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SATURDAY| approx 20 mins


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SUNDAY  | approx 22 mins


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  • How many days a week should I do the works?
    I have scheduled the works throughout the week mon-friday. everyday you will do 2 workouts with an additional warm down (highly recommend)
  • If I can’t do a workout on the set day what should I do?
    If you’re not able to complete the scheduled workout I would recommend you move it to the weekend or add the missed workout to another day.
  • Do I need any equipment for the challenge?
    No, for this challenge I would want you to use your own body weight but if you’re more advanced you can incorporate light dumbbells or resistance bands.
  • What equipment will I need for this challenge?
    The equipment you will need for this challenge is a water bottle, workout matt and a towel just incase you sweat a lot during the workout.
  • If I don’t have a YouTube channel where should I post my transformation or progress?
    If you don’t have a YouTube channel you can post your progress on instagram. Don’t forget to tag me on your instagram stories or feed post and use the hashtag #MRLONDONCHALLENGE so all the other amazing women will be about to support you
  • Can I workout everyday including Saturday and Sunday?
    Personally if you’re going to workout mon-friday I would always recommend a 2 day rest but if you wanted to add one of my workouts on a Saturday or do a bit of cardio that should be fine but remember rest is just as important for your transformation journey.
  • If I’m finding it too hard what should I do?
    If you’re finding the workouts too I would recommend to change the exercise. For example, if I want you to do 60 seconds for each exercise and you find it difficult try 30 seconds or if I want you to do 2 workouts each day try doing 1 workout and then the following week try 2.
  • Must I follow the videos in a particular order?
    The order I created is my recommendation on getting a amazing transformation but everybody will have a different reaction to my layout so if you feel like change the videos on different days that fine just make sure you’re consistent and you don’t miss a workout
  • What should I eat before and after my workouts?
    I have created a few videos on my website explaining how to have a healthier diet with lots or tips. Check out the diet page for all the information
  • Will there be more challenges in the near future?
    Absolutely, I will be updating my website weekly with lots of free stuff and ill be adding in a new challenge every month or so
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